Monday, October 26, 2009

ThinkTank dinner

Two days ago I had dinner with the designers/owners of THINK TANK PHOTO (the makers of the finest photo bags around),and photographers Bill Eppridge, David Burnett and Melanie Burford. We bounced some bag ideas back and forth and just had a really great evening, talking about photography, telling stories etc.
Bill and David are LEGENDS, meeting these guys and hanging out with them was a great honor. It's weird how life works, one day you are looking at somebody's work, or read about them in some prestigious publication, and the next day you're hanging out and drinking with them. And then you realize they are actually great, normal people. And in my opinion, truly normal people are rare these days.
I took a couple of snaps that night, but since I shoot film (and I was the only one with a film camera that night), you'll see them in a few days, if my tight schedule allows for some film processing .... here is one of me and David Burnett shot by Bill Eppridge.