Sunday, November 1, 2009


The other day I stopped by my photo lab in Midtown Manhattan, and bumped into Eric, the owner, who also runs the CENTER FOR ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm always amazed by his collection of antique cameras and big brass lenses, you name it, he has it. And he uses them btw.
He showed me his wife's book that just came out. Her name is JONI STERNBACH, and the book is SURFLAND. All photographs are tintypes, every single one is unique and looks amazing. Out of this world. There is something about large format photography that's completely different than 35mm or medium format, depth of field is not the same, perspective, there is some old school feel to it - and then if you do it the way it was done a 100-150 years ago (very time consuming and labor intensive), you get something completely different and amazing...