Saturday, December 5, 2009

thinkTank AIRPORT TakeOff rolling bag RULES

I've been trying to find a good travel photo bag for a long time, and whatever I came across was never quite right. I needed something with wheels, cause my camera bags tend to get heavy, I carry a lot of equipment, loads of film etc. But I also wanted to be able to carry it in a more convenient way, as a backpack for example ...

Well, my friends from THINK TANK PHOTO solved the problem --- I just got the
and it's perfect. It's a state of the art, heavy duty rolling carry-on bag, and has concealable backpack straps that are very easy to deploy. It can hold everything I need when I travel, couple of camera bodies, a bunch of lenses, laptop, film, you name it. You can take it on both domestic and international flights as a carry-on bag.