Sunday, May 2, 2010

my latest secret weapon

yep, today I decided to take my latest 6x9 secret weapon (yep, it's secret, sorry) for a test drive, and man, I was amazed. It's an old camera that looks like a joke, but handles great, and the lens is killer .... you can't really see it here, these are just some low res flatbed scans, but trust me. And I love 6x9 - I've had 6x7 cameras, but it's just not my thing, I don't like it. I've had 6x6 cameras, and with those it's just too easy to take a good shot ... I know it sounds like bullshit, but I really think so. but 6x9 is something else ....

So I snapped a couple of shots at the green market around the corner ....

gypsies like to have their pictures taken
no one is smiling in belgrade

and of course one of