Friday, January 14, 2011

abandoned market near our condo in Bangkok

Today I stopped by the old Suan Lum night bazaar market which is now abandoned. The guards let me in without any problems, people are super nice here. The market is/was HUGE, everything is now in ruins, and looks insane. I started shooting and going deeper and deeper, everywhere I pointed my camera was a good shot (I had to pace myself not to go crazy and burn a 100 rolls), but then after a while I felt something weird. I don't know, something suddenly gave me the creeps, it was like some presence or something, or simply a bad feeling, I'm not sure. But I kept going deeper. Then a cat that was missing half of her tail started walking towards me and kept looking behind her like she was scared of something. She obviously wasn't scared of me, cause she walked right by my leg. At that point I turned around and started walking back.

You just have to follow signs people, they are all around us! I didn't want it to be like when you're watching a horror movie, and the main character is going somewhere he shouldn't be going, and the audience is like NO NO NO, WHY ARE YOU GOING THERE DUMBASS, but he still goes there and ends up chopped in pieces. no no no.