Saturday, January 29, 2011

trip to HUA HIN etc

Bangkok is an amazing city - but very noisy, hectic, polluted - hellish traffic, just crossing the street can be life threatening . So we decided to take a trip to HUA HIN, city on the beach, 2 hours drive from Bangkok. It's getting really hot here, I needed a hat, and here is what I got - A RONALDINHO HAT! perfect. (hey, so let's write something on this hat, it'll look better; hm, what do we write? RONALDINHO! of course, what else!)

Being on the beach felt amazing. The only way for me to relax and take a break is to be somewhere where there is NOTHING to shoot. And from time to time it felt exactly like that. I recharged my batteries.

We had a weird encounter with monkeys, one of them sneaked into our van, stole a pack of tissues and ran off. I went after him but he started hissing at me, showing his teeth so I gave up. fuck tissues, who cares. vicious monkeys. but very cute.


We also visited some Buddhist temples, that felt good, you definitely feel good energy in places of mass worship...