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soviet WWII photos in color

I found some amazing WWII Soviet Army photos HERE . We're so used to seeing WWII images in b&w only that we think about the whole era in b&w ... it's so refreshing to see color images from that period (even though some of these were obviously colored afterward), they feel much more real and current, after all it's been only 65 years since WWII ended (and the world is in deep deep shit again:)


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

occupation of haiti | a must see video

quick to send in the marines, but not enough food, water and medicine. what the fuck?? it's just a matter of time before this country starts treating it's own people the way it's been treating other nations. beware.


I don't eat meat, but if you do (or even if you don't), you should go and check out my friend's restaurant KAFANA on ave C btw 7th and 8th, in East Village. If it's good enough for The New York Times, it should be good enough for you .... traditional live music on Tuesdays and Fridays, good people+good food, great ambiance, you name it.

HIPSTAMATIC iPhone app, pretty cool



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Hi, Billy Mays here! Don't let your precious iPhone get damaged by forces of nature - get a proper case HERE


My friend John Joseph (Cro-Mags, Bloodclot) stopped by the other day - always good to have him around. He always leaves me feeling more positive about life, and that's a good thing. His new book, MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, is in the works, look out for it ...

JJ interview from NYHC documentary


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