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sunday, 7am, belgrade


great song + amazing video

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opening nights   nov  11 and nov 12  NITEHAWK CINEMA136 metropolitan avenue, williamsburg, brooklyn.

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UEBERGRUND #4 by Sebastian Linck

Sebastian Linck blessed me with the latest issue of his UEBERGRUND magazine.

it's really beautiful. you can buy it HERE.

In this issue, Sebastian is presenting the photos and poems of his late father OSWALD LANGE.

 "...three years ago i talked with my dad about a uebergrund issue with his pics and poems and he liked the idea. he just shot in the eighties and nineties. i really like his stuff and he and his pics inspired me a lot.
two years ago my father passed away on cancer with just 56 years of age. it was a really hard and terrible time for me cause i was very close to my father, so it took me a lot of time to go through his pics and texts and do a selection for uebergrund #4. but now i'm really proud of the result and it makes me happy that the people can see a part of his work. "

and you should be proud, it's really great.

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Klong Toey night market looks like a scene of mass murder. Every non-vegetarian person should visit it, I'm sure it would influence their diet. The site is infested with rats and cockroaches that make the experience even grosser.

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CHANNEL 7 FIGHTS, Bangkok, Thailand.

I love Bangkok, but the one thing that I can't stand there is being charged the FARANG (foreigner) price ...  in certain places admission fees are one price for Thai nationals, and another for foreigners. So in order to see a muay thai fight at LUMPINEE stadium you need to pay 2,000 baht (approx $70), which is RIDICULOUS .... of course, if you're Thai, it'll cost you about $10.
but there are CHANNEL 7 fights every Sunday, which are FREE FOR EVERYONE. Here are some shots from last Sunday.