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When Companies Place Profit Before People

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand

If removed by YouTube get this Zipped file: (9.8MB)

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

nice one

Thanks to Nicholas Hardy of FACTORY 311, my rep in England, for hooking it up.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the zine master

I just received a package today from my friend Daniel Pelissier, it took more than a month to get to Serbia ... but it was worth the wait.
What I got was a collection of SOCIETY SUCKERS zines - great packaging, looks really dope and you can get it HERE.

+ there is more

You all know how much I love zines, and Daniel is one of the good guys who won't let them disappear. Aside from doing the SOCIETY SUCKERS, Daniel has a new project called YOUNG HEALERS. He is publishing zines and organizing shows for up and coming photographers...

Well done man, I really respect what you do!


... I couldn't agree more

Man arrested for taking picture of cop in his own home


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the courtyard behind our studio

wonders of modern technology

my website, ARTCOUP.COM just got an RSS FEED so you can add it to GOOGLE READER. Just click HERE (or go to ARTCOUP.COM, it's at the bottom, on your right)

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trial and error

my latest acquisition

and the results are - well, pretty disappointing, actually non-existent

better luck next time I guess

Thursday, June 3, 2010

essen gut, alles gut!

selling sausages at a flea market

Don't worry about me, I'm gonna make it alright | Got my enemies crossed out in my sight

I take a bad situation gonna make it right
In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light