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whenever I come to Belgrade I dig up new lost treasures .... this time I found a box of negatives that belonged to my grandmother's first husband, whose name was BELA GUT. All the images were taken in Belgrade during the German occupation, btw 1941-1944.
It is really interesting to see how people looked back then, and even the most ordinary photos of everyday life can be fascinating from a half a century distance.
I'll try to scan more, but these negs are pain in the ass to scan, so tightly rolled and have been sitting in a box for decades, I can hardly feed them into the scanner .....

the negatives

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made it

Recently I worked on a project with HBO - the new series, HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, that just premiered yesterday. Done by the same team that did ENROURAGE. I shot stills that are spliced into the footage. It was my first time working for the TV/film industry, and it was an amazing experience, very intense at times. These people are much crazier than I am, that's for sure. So, yep, check it out, I hope you enjoy it.

If you have HBO ON DEMAND you can see it there, and if you don't and you are in the US, check it out here

hm, it all makes sense

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

we are in belgrade and feeling good

here are a couple of my wife's iPhone photos ...

the white stripes are the shit

The Detroit alternative rock duo consisting of Jack and Meg White has lashed out at the United States Air Force for using their song "Fell In Love With A Girl" in a recruitment ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

read the whole story HERE