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maaaan, even cops are cool in this city

all of a sudden this evening Barcelona felt like home, riot police, protest - no idea what it was all about, but it was cool and very noisy. By pure chance we got stuck between the cops and the protesters. I took some pictures of riot cops, I was in their faces, and no one seemed to care .... at one point one of the plain clothes cops told me that it was fine to take pictures of cops if they had their ski masks on, but no faces. When I asked one of the cops to take pictures of his face, he said please don't, and then smiled and thanked me when I didn't do it. that was pretty cool. I love this city.
Nami took this video ...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

barcelona rules

well so far barcelona looks like the perfect place to be. mixture of races/faces etc, but no tension that you get in some other cities, paris for example. people are just relaxed. maybe it has something to do with having sunshine in the middle of winter and the sea 10 minutes from the center. but then again, naples has sun and sea too, but it's a totally different vibe. even as a tourist, you can pull out your map here and not feel in danger, not feel like the whole street is looking at you wanting to rob you (trust me, I've been to places where I would never pull out a map ...). Pickpockets here are the experts in the field, the best in Europe I heard, but if you're street smart that's not a problem.

I love it here.


Two days, two lunches - one at PATXOCA, euro 10.90 for a great lunch - appetizer + main course + desert + glass of wine ... laid back, nice waiter, all good.

Chocolate on the way back to the hotel ...

CAL PEP KICKS ASS. worth every penny. For me, spending money on good food is an investment, it opens new horizons, it's like spending money on a piece of art. Great ingredients, simple, perfect execution. Unpretentious environment and wait staff, so fucking good.

ljakse otisao u barcelonu pa slusa cecu

sta ljakse brate ceca carica

Sunday, December 25, 2011

off to barcelona tomorrow

see you when I see you, enjoy the ultimate travel anthem

belgrade, serbia.


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Just got the new issue of SHUTTERCLANK zine in the mail, and it looks great - - there are two options - - if you are poor or cheap you can get the SILVER EDITION (I got that one, but for free ! :), otherwise there is a GOLD EDITION that includes a 5x7 inch print. It's all up to you, get yours while you can.
Some good stuff there, these guys (there's one girl too) are seriously passionate about photography, and I really respect that.

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come and see | ELEM KLIMOV

I know I am repeating myself, but COME AND SEE (IDI I SMOTRI) is one of the best war movies ever made ... second world war in Belorussia, pure horror. Not some Rambo III style war glorifying bullshit, but makes you think why anyone would want war. And the way shit looks in the world, something like this might as well be coming to a neighborhood near you.

huffington post

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just in

max mallender was kind enough to send me his zine, and you know I love zines. and I respect when people do stuff on their own, not waiting for shit to fall in their lap. thanks max.

this is how max describes himself and what he does: 'I'M 21, A UNIVERSITY DROP OUT LOOKING FOR SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE AND I TAKE PHOTOS ALONG THE WAY'

- go get it.

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