Friday, December 25, 2009

lame kid actor

I've been planning to write this for a while .... so, two weeks ago, we decided to go to the movies, to see THE ROAD (last time we saw a movie in the theater was more then two years ago, before Maya was Born, we went to see THE DEPARTED). The book, by Cormack McCarthy, was AMAZING, Viggo Mortensen is a good actor, so why not. BUT, we had no clue they casted A MOUSE to play his son. Yep, whiny little kid who was obviously casted cause he looks like Charlize Theron, who plays his mother, Viggo's wife.
In the book, you get the impression that the kid is maybe 6-8 years old, but in the movie he is probably around 12, but acts like he is 3! annoying annoying annoying. very distracting.
Aside from that ----->
Viggo was great, cinematography amazing - colors, depth of field, all really really good .....
also, the ending in the books is much better. So my advice is - read the book.