Sunday, February 13, 2011

MUAY THAI, channel 7 fights, bangkok

No story about Bangkok is complete without Muay Thai, one of the deadliest martial arts, so I finally forced myself to go and see some fights (I know it's the cold season in Thailand right now, but hey, it's still too hot and humid for me) .... there are a couple of boxing stadiums here in Bangkok, the most famous LUMPINI and RAJDAMNOEN, but they charge foreigners ridiculously high entrance fees, and then they keep you separated from locals. I hate being discriminated like that, no no way.
So I went to the CHANNEL 7 STADIUM, where fights are free, and the crowd is mostly locals.
I got a great seat right next to the ring ----- unfortunately, videotaping wasn't allowed (because the fights were televised), so I just had to do it :)

The first fight was so so ....

The second one was amazing, the guy wearing the blue trunks got knocked down with an elbow to the head, but came back and won. He had a heart of a lion and strength of a bulldozer.

this is where the knockdown happens ...

The third fight was also pretty good.