Wednesday, April 6, 2011

well dressed

I recently re-connected with an old friend of mine whom I haven't seen in years, Roy, formerly of XLR8R magazine. Back in the day I did a piece on the QB projects for XLR8R, that's how we met.
Roy now works with the OUTLIER clothing company, I stopped by the showroom today to see him, and got out with some great pieces. OUTLIER stuff is super good, the approach is amazing, the highest quality fabrics etc etc. Some fabrics are from some of the same mills ACRONYM uses, enough said. Pieces are played down, simple and no bullshit. My OG pants and merino pullover fit like a glove.

While their online sales are killing it, they recently set up their showroom in Brooklyn, so you can touch the products before you buy them.

Oh, I almost forgot - while chatting with the guys, I noticed this book on the table ... SPOMENIK, by Jan Kempenaers (SPOMENIK means MONUMENT in Serbian)

pure insanity, post WWII communist monuments in former Yugoslavia. Some of those I remember from school excursions when I was a kid. These monuments are mindblowing, and there are so many of them in former Yugoslavia, every town and city has one (at least), I'm glad someone did a book on them.

Here are a couple of more images from the book: