Saturday, May 21, 2011

desert island, zines etc

the other day we stopped by the DESERT ISLAND comic book shop, which btw also carries a wide selection of zines, tees, all kinds of good stuff. Once you get in you don't want to leave. I remember when they just opened something over 3 years ago, I though it was very brave to open that kind of store in that location (Metropolitan avenue in Wburg, Brooklyn) during the time of crisis. You can't even tell it's a comic book shop from the outside .... but hard work and a good eye for detal paid off, and DESERT ISLAND is now well known Brooklyn landmark.

here is their free newspaper:

and here is one of the zines I grabbed there, I LOVE IT. If I remember correctly the artist's name is SARA ANDERSON (sorry if I'm wrong), from California (?). A beautiful object. Amazing.