Monday, September 20, 2010

A guy with a frula, saxophone, his mom and a pig.

... here is one of the characters we encountered in the village of CRNI VRH in southeastern Serbia. We were driving around, almost all of the houses on the side of the road were abandoned, when I saw a smoke coming out of one chimney, and a pig roaming around. I approached the house and that's when I met this guy.

He immediately took his frula (traditional serbian flute) and started playing, then he started talking something totally incoherent (apparently he was a little mental), went inside and came back with some pictures, one of them of him when he was younger playing saxophone on a stage. I asked him if he still has a saxophone so he went inside again to get it, tried playing it, but something was wrong so continued with the frula ....

When we were leaving he asked me for my cell phone number so we can hang out if the ever comes to Belgrade.

... his pig

... his mom