Friday, August 19, 2011

kingston, jamaica, part 2

My second trip to Kingston totally made sense. I got a better picture of the city, got to see a couple more neighborhoods, and took a bunch of pictures of course. In a way I have a love/hate relationship with Kingston, my mood there is up and down too ... for example, my last day there sucked, I spent all day inside staring at the computer (kingston is not a city where you just walk around and make friends with locals) - but than that night I hung out some serious gangsters, took pictures of guns and stuff, I can't go into details here. But at the end of the night no one could take the smile off my face.
In Kingston, if the police catch you with a gun, they will most likely kill you on the spot without making an effort to arrest you. So the fact that these guys were letting me shoot them with guns meant much more than just good photo material. Trust and respect.
In the end, it's not all about taking pictures, that part you can learn, for me the stories are equally important. Here I mean the stories that I'll tell to my grandchildren when I'm 90.

here are some non-guns Kingston images from my latest trip: