Monday, August 8, 2011


I was driving around Kingston yesterday with two friends, and cops stopped us at the checkpoint at the entrance to the neighborhood of TIVOLI GARDENS; the cop pointed his M16 at the car, we got out, hands on the hood, they searched us, searched the vehicle, and of course found NOTHING. Then the main cop started writing my friend a ticket (??? later we found out it was for not wearing a seat belt), and my friend asked him "Do I look like a criminal?", "Why are you writing me a ticket man ?" .... no yelling, no cursing, nothing like that. They kept us there for over half an hour, when the police truck came. I thought it was the next shift, but nope, they handcuffed my friend, put him on the truck and took him to the station. I couldn't believe what was happening, I called my friend I am staying with to come meet us at the police station, the arrested guy's wife and baby boy came too, so we all spent the next two hours at the police station, trying to get him out ...... his mother finally brought some papers, the local pastor showed up, so after arranging the court date, they let him go. pure injustice.